Digi Hub Afterschool projects


Each of the projects here at the Hub utilise the Digi Hub to incorporate various ICT elements into their curricula. Be Art Hub, Music Production or Science Hub, the Digi Hub is a hive of activity afterschool. External organisations also use the space frequently to run workshops of their own.

ICT education is extremely important for our children and young people. Virtually every job and course of study requires at least a basic grasp of computers and technology. For this reason the Digi Hub has become an extremely important educational resource in the community.

Children who attend other projects here get extensive use of the Digi Hub facility though link-up projects with the Digi Hub. Some examples include:

Art Hub: Stop-motion animation, digital design, photo editing and digital photography.Science

Hub: Research projects, Scratch programming, robotics

Music Hub: Digital music and recording in conjunction with Music Hub Studios

External organisations such as Foroige Tech-Space, various community organisations, adult literacy groups and TEFL training all make use of the space for their evening activities.The Digi Hub is also the central location from which we run all of our Summer Camps which are usually based around STEAM activities.

From the results of our Participatory Budgeting event, we will also be setting up and afterschool Gaming and Technology Hub which will be based out of the Digi Hub

Key facts

Users in the Digi Hub have been increasing every year and with the new projects planned for 2017, this will increase even further.
Digi Hub Afterschool projects
Students working on afterschool projects.
Digi Hub Afterschool projects
Students working on using the GoPRO.


"I really enjoyed learning Scratch in the Digi Hub." - Afterschool user, age 11