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The Digi Hub is the centre for all things Technology related at the Learning Hub. All of the other projects at the Hub utilise this space to run programmes with integrated technology elements such as digital art projects, animation and more recently, STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) activities.

The Digi Hub is key to a number of projects here at the Learning Hub. From running technology and ICT related activities with our after school clubs to longer programmes with local primary schools the Digi Hub has become a hive of activity over the last number of years!
In 2016 we piloted a number of 6-week STEAM programmes with local primary schools which incorporated Art, Science and Digital Technology.
The Digi Hub also plays host to a number of external organisations such as Foroige Youth Space who use the facilities to run their own activities.

Our Digi Hub includes:

  • 10 Windows Desktop Computers
  • 2 laptops
  • An interactive whiteboard with sound
  • Photo Editing capabilities
  • Full Internet and Wi-Fi Access
  • Access to Arduino Kits, Scratch and other educational software
Digi Hub
Busy making animations using Scratch.
Digi Hub
Finishing up one of our Scratch workshops.
Digi Hub
Learning how to use photoshop.
Digi Hub
One of our Co-op students helping out with a Scratch workshop.
Digi Hub
Scratch workshop with Corpus Christi Primary School, Moyross.
Digi Hub
Volunteers and children busy at work!
Digi Hub
Deep in research Model.
Digi Hub
Learning to use the GoPRO.
Digi Hub
Researching Science Projects.
Digi Hub
Delighted to be in the Digi Hub!!

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